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My name is SirLegit. I'm 22 and a youtuber in the making. I post videogames and videogame commentaries.

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Today is sad day, lucky my 14 year old black lab will be leaving my family physically but still be in my heart forever. We’ve had him since he was a pup, we found him hit by a car broken leg and all nursed him as much as we could but today it’s too much for him it’s his time to be free of his pain.

RIP Lucky love you big guy.

    You know you’re addicted to video games when you play for hours before bed then make your self go to sleep but wake up at 5 wanting to jump back on the game lol.

    Anyone else have this habit?

      Going live on Diablo 3 Reaper of souls Come watch on twitch.


        After a little bit of playing the new class Crusader from RoS expansion on Diablo 3, Shes looking pretty good so far now I must sleep.

        Maybe Ill stream me getting the character leveled up and geared tomorrow.

            I’m streaming some Diablo 3 Prepping for Reaper of Souls aka leveling paragon up.


              Apparently there was a earth quake this morning a 4.4, I got texts asking if I felt it shaking I did not but you did wake me up with your text lol

                  TitanFall Campaign Gameplay/Commentary

                    So many people got Titanfall early it sucks watching them on twitch knowing I’m waiting till tomorrow morning to pick mine up!

                        Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Gameplay.

                        Just hit 48k gamerscore even, looks good.

                          Fell on my arm longboarding over the weekend still using a sling, my elbow may be fractured. Can I tough it out or go to the urgent care in a few days.

                            Invited to the Titanfall xbox one beta, they must feel bad for me killing my arm from a fall long boarding today. Downloading as we speak!

                              I started a minecraft mod pack let’s play the other day and welcome feedback if anyone wants to check it out.