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My name is SirLegit. I'm 22 and a youtuber in the making. I post videogames and videogame commentaries.

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All booked for haunted dreams knotts scary farm on the 22nd, so excited time must go by quickly!


    Everything just needs to be turned into a race issue.

    >why does ebola kill more blacks
    >banning flights to and from infected african countries is racist
    >whites arent dying as much because of white privilege
    >waa my anal hole is suffering waa
    >the white devil is to blame for ebola, not the proud and noble and not ignorant africans eating bush meat and shit and killing health officials and ignoring ebola risks

    People seem to be under the notion that this cock sucker Thomas Duncan (the dead black dude) died because we withheld the EXPERIMENTAL and rare drug (handful of doses in existence) while we gave it to those 2 white aid workers a while ago.

    Too bad retards, we did give it to the undeserving cunt that lied about having ebola and brought it to the states while walking around for days infecting his family who later possibly infected some cops when they were nice enough to bring them food.

    And he still died.


    Fuck you CNN and the rest of you race pushing fools.

    Im glad this guy died too.

    So True!!!



      A few outrageous cosplays

      One is a Disney costume…

      Three are Disney movies……


        So me and my girlfriend just can’t decide if we want to get the $260 haunted dreams package for knotts scary farm or just go with the $160 bare bones package, it’s $100 more for the first one comes with a room and 2 night tickets/shirts dinner and breakfast the bare bones is just 2 tickets and hotel room.

        What should we do?

         the bare bones is just 2 tickets and hotel room.

          It’s YOUR Destiny!

          It’s time I call forth all guardians to come and join me in the world of Destiny on xbox one, anyone around level 15+ can join me in finishing our destiny together.

          I will be streaming at the time.

          Send me your GT or add me SirLegitKilla

            This was my view from my camp site every evening for 5 days was pretty amazing.

              Let’s make the Flubber movie cover the most reblogged picture on Tumblr.







              Yes let’s do it for him.


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                  So I’m pretty excited to go see guardians of the galaxy today, anybody else feeling the same?

                    One of todays minor conversations with my girlfriend.

                    So today this happened.

                    Me: Hey want to play maplestory?

                    Her: Oh Yeah sure do, it was kind of my minecraft before minecraft.

                    Me: Huh How? It was a MMO RPG.

                    Her: Well sorta with just your character, you could plant trees and pick apples.

                    Me: What are you talking about?! You can’t do any of that.

                    Her: In Animal Crossing you can.

                    Me: I’m talking about maplestory.

                    Her: Huh oh I though you said animal crossing for some reason.

                    Animal Crossing coming to a maplestory near you! TBA 2017!!!

                      So because of this terrible heat my streams have been a measly 1-2 hours, so I’m honestly considering doing a night stream tonight with some minecraft maybe other games. 

                      Games I could stream




                      Borderlands 2


                      Dota 2

                      League of Legends

                      and others

                      Would you watch the stream if so what game?

                          So how did you like destiny? I wish it progressed to lvl 15 but 8 was ok, can't wait for the full thing

                          I thoroughly enjoyed it, like you said I do wish they had a higher level cap anywhere from 10-20 would be nice but it was still a lot of fun and can’t wait for release day.

                          Destiny Xbox one Beta Stream

                          I’m currently streaming destiny beta on xbox one on twitch come join and chat!


                            I finally got myself in a suit of armor with my favorite games around me!

                              Picked this up today I’ll be able to stream Xbox one now with no audio echoing.